• Our Locations

  • Shanghai Headquarter R&D Center
    No.1999, Zhangheng Road, Zhangjiang HighTech Park, Shanghai
    • Small Molecule & ADC Discovery
    • API & Intermediates Process Development & Manufacturing (CRO/CMC/CDMO)
    • Oligonucleotide Process Development and & Manufacturing

    The Shanghai headquarter was established in 2006. By the end of June 2023, the R&D center has expanded to more than 32,000 square meters. Professional team dedicated to the process development of small molecule, payloads, linkers and oligonucleotide, analytical chemistry laboratories and QC/QA. With the support of a vast building block library, we have served global clients with process development and manufacturing of APIs and advanced intermediates from exploratory medicinal chemistry research, drug discovery and preclinical development, clinical development to commercialization.

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  • Shanghai 2Y-Chem R&D Center
    Pudong District, Shanghai
    • Formulation CMC
    • API CMC
    • GMP API for early clinical stage

    The Shanghai R&D Center focuses on the API CMC service and formulation CMC service. The R&D and GMP kilo lab facilities is about 4,500 square meters. It has passed one EU 3rd party QP on site GMP audit for early clinical stage API.

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  • Anhui Ma’anshan R&D Center
    Ningma Scientific Innovation Park, Taodian Road No. 155, Cihu National High-tech Area, Ma’anshan Anhui Province.
    • API ,Intermediates Process Development and Manufacturing
    • ADC&High Potency API Process Development and Manufacturing
    • Analytical Chemistry

    Anhui Ma’anshan R&D Center has a GMP kilogram laboratory for the production of Potency API and Cytotoxins, linker-toxins for antibody-drug conjutes. The total volume of the reactors is about 4,000 L.

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  • Anhui Ma’anshan c-GMP
    Manufacturing Site
    Cihu National High-tech Area, Southwest of intersection of Tianmen Road and Dianye Road, Ma’anshan Anhui Province.
    • API, Intermediates Process Development and Manufacturing
    • ADC & High Potency API Process Development and Manufacturing

    The Anhui c-GMP manufacturing site covers an area of about 87,860 square meters. At present, it has more than 120 reactors with a total volume of about 320,000L.

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  • 2Y-Biopharma Jiangsu GMP Manufacturing for Drug Product
    Qidong , Jiangsu
    • Drug Product Manufacturing

    The GMP formulation and drug product manufacturing facility in Jiangsu has over 13,000 square meters, with 7 independent Class D clean workshops. 4 workshops for solid form oral medicines have a total annual production capacity of about 1 billion units. The 2 semi-solid topical formulation workshops has a capacity of about 40 million tubes annually. 1 Solid dispersion line (a large scale topical preparation line).

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  • Shandong Heze Manufacturing Site
    Heze city, Shandong Province, China
    • Specialty chemicals, Intermediates and API Manufacturing

    Total area: 39,000 ft²
    Reactors: 45, range from 500L - 5,000L, Scale up to hundreds of kgs per batch
    Total volume: ~115,500L

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  • Chongqing Antibody Drug Conjugate CDMO Manufacturing Site
    International Biotech Park, Chongqing, China
    • ADC Process Development and Manufacturing (Under construction)

    The total area is approximately 40,000 square feet. For Protein-related Drug Substance (DS), there are multiple production scales available at 200L, 500L, and 2000L. Additionally, there is 1 Drug Product (DP) filling line, 1 Lyophilization production line, and 1 Conjugation production line (200L).

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