• Oligonucleotide

Oligo Integrated Platform

  • ChemExpress is an oligonucleotide customized product and service provider. We can currently meet the needs of customers from lab-scale to pilot test. The oligonucleotide R&D team has professional and rich chemical modification experience and capabilities, which can realize more than 100 modification methods with different functions and uses, and provide more functional options for cell experiments, animal experiments and clinical trials to meet customers' needs in research, diagnosis and treatment.
  • RNA synthesis

    • Small interference RNA (siRNA)
    • MicroRNA (miRNA)
    • CRISPR sgRNA
    • Small active (saRNA)
  • DNA synthesis

    • Antisense Oligonucleotides (ASO) i.e. PS modified Gamer
    • Aptamer
    • Vaccine adjuvant
  • Conjugated oligonucleotides

    • GalNAc conjugated oligonucleotides
    • Peptide conjugated oligonucleotides
    • AOC(antibody-oligo conjugate)

Why Partner With ChemExpress

Lab-scale production from Mg To 100g, pilot-scale GMP Line (from 100g to kg) will be completed in 2023
Quality System
cGMP quality standard
Integrated Service
From discovery to clinical service,analytical, CMC dossier preparation
CMC Capability
  • Raw material/reagent QS foundation
  • Raw material/reagent method development, pre-validation and validation
  • Raw material/reagent release testing
  • IPC method development and IPC testing
  • Final product method development, pre-validation and validation
  • R&D and GMP sample release testing
  • Reference standard characterization
  • R&D and GMP stability study


Oligonucleotide Lab-scale Equipment
  • ÄKTA OligoPilot™ 100
  • ÄKTA Avant™ 150
  • ÄKTA Crossflow
  • 0.2m²Tray Lyophilizer
  • 30L Manifold Lyophilizer
Oligonucleotide Pilot-scale Equipment
  • GE OligoPilot™ 2000
  • Novasep Hipersep Pilot™
  • ÄKTA Process™
  • C5LV Ultrafiltration
  • 0.5 M2 , 5m2 Tray Lyophilizers
Major Equipment for Analytical Support
  • HPLC
  • UPLC
  • GC
  • High Resolution MS
  • ICP-MS
  • Temperature Controlled UV