• Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy provides how Chemexpress collects, uses, maintains and discloses information from every user in the website of gb.chemexpress.com.cn.

This privacy policy is applicable for all products and services provided by this website and Chemexpress.

Data Collection

You can use this website without disclosing personal data. When you use this website, we will save the relevant data in the server for the security purpose, and such data may include your internet service provider’s name, browser used, IP address etc.

We may also require you to provide your ID information in this website, including your name, address, telephone number, company name or e-mail etc. Such information may be collected when you send feedback or e-mail to your, register certain services, set up cookies or directly respond to online enquiries. In all these circumstances, you can choose to provide your ID information for us or not.

Use of Cookies

A cookie refers to a small amount of data saved in your browser, device or webpage you browsed. Some are deleted immediately after your close the browser, and some may be saved after you close the browser, so you can be recognized when visiting the website again.

We enable cookies for the same purpose of improving the user experience as those of the most websites or internet service providers so as to better our websites, products and services. By use of cookies, the website can save settings, such as language, font size and other browsing preferences of a computer or a mobile device. And it means that a user no longer needs to reconfigure the preferences upon each visit. And if a website uses no cookies, then the website regards a user as new visitor every time the user opens a webpage. You can view your browser settings and exercise your options about the relevant cookies, wherein you can control or delete a cookie according to your preferences.

Use and Disclosure of Information

Our data collected is only intended to provide products and services for your and we do not sell, trade or rent the ID information collected of this website to others, unless we obtain your consent in advance.

It is prohibited to disclose your personal information (such as nickname, image, region, health information) as not provided by the legal procedure or without your consent.

A disclosure is conducted to the third party or an administrative or judicial agency in accordance with the laws or as required by an administrative or judicial agency.

A disclosure is conducted to the third party or an administrative or judicial agency in accordance with the laws or as required by an administrative or judicial agency.

Information Change

If you need assistance in accessing, updating or deleting your personal information in our website, or you no longer require our services, please contact us: [email protected]

Information Security

We take proper measures to control safety of this website and the information privacy involving your ID, and in this way, we protect your information from unauthorized access, use or leakage, and we also require your to properly keep your username and passwords. Although we take the foregoing safety measures, we recommend you to notice no existence of “perfect safety measures” in the information network. So please contact us immediately so thatwe can takethe corresponding measures, providing you find leakage of your personal information, especially username and passwords.


Since protecting the children’s privacy is important, we will not collect or use the personal information of a child under the age of 13 years intentionally. And if the age is detected to be less than 13 years old, then we will delete the relevant information in time and retain or save no information.

Other Websites

This website may include some links of the third-party websites. But the privacy policy is only applicable for the information collected by this website other than the content, privacy practice or act of any other website (wherein we assume no responsibilities thereof).

Modification of Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to modify the privacy policy of this website at any time and we will change the update date on the bottom of this webpage after update and such change takes effect on the issuance date.


If any portion or provision of the content of these Terms, including those of the Privacy Policy, is found to be unenforceable, invalid, or in contrast with any applicable law. This finding of unenforceability/invalidity will not render the Terms of use invalid on the whole and will be restricted solely to the provisions in question. These provisions will be removed from the Terms and Conditions without affecting the remaining provision as a whole.

This document was last updated on September 10, 2020.