Flow Chemistry

Flow chemistry(Continuous flow chemistry) refers to the continuous flow state by adjusting the key parameters of the reaction (temperature, pressure, pH, wavelength, residence time, etc.), continuous accomplishment of reaction transformation, extraction, crystallization and other processes.

Common types of flow chemistry: plug-flow reactor(PFR), continuous stirred tank (CSTR), MicroPacked-bed, Micro-reactor, etc.

Reaction types

  • Low temperature metallo-organic reactions
  • High temperature/pressure reactions
  • Continuous ozonolysis reactions
  • Oxidation involving the use of air/oxygen or peroxides
  • Nitrogen rich reactions involving azides or hydrazine
  • Continuous photo reactions
  • Flow hydrogenation
  • Flow nitration
  • Enzymatic reactions using immobilized enzyme
  • Antibody-Drug Conjugate Synthesis

Key Equipment

  • The E-Series Flow Chemistry System Versatile for All Reaction Type (Vapourtec UK)
  • H-Flow-S10 Hydrogenation Flow Reactor (Beijing Oushisheng Tech, 0.001 -10.000 mL/min)