Flow Chemistry

ChemExpress has established an industry-leading continuous manufacturing (flow chemistry) platform offering process development and manufacturing services for projects from pre-clinical to commercialization.

Reaction types

  • Low temperature metallo-organic reactions
  • High temperature/pressure reactions
  • Continuous ozonolysis reactions
  • Oxidation involving the use of air/oxygen or peroxides
  • Nitrogen rich reactions involving azides or hydrazine
  • Continuous photo reactions
  • Flow hydrogenation
  • Flow nitration
  • Enzymatic reactions using immobilized enzyme
  • Antibody-Drug Conjugate Synthesis

Key Equipment

  • The E-Series Flow Chemistry System Versatile for All Reaction Type (Vapourtec UK)
  • H-Flow-S10 Hydrogenation Flow Reactor (Beijing Oushisheng Tech, 0.001 -10.000 mL/min)