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Drug Solid-state Chemistry Research Technology Platform

Chemexpress’s drug solid-state chemistry research technology platform focus on systematic research on solid forms of drug molecules and provides technical services for R&D. Currently, the development of new crystal forms of Bazedoxifene, Teneligliptin, Eluxadoline, Edoxaban, Apixaban and other products, are hot topics in China.
The platform uses a variety of screening and analytical technologies to obtain possible solid forms of drugs and to characterize each physical and chemical properties. We use multidisciplinary means to evaluate the biopharmaceutical performance of preponderant forms.  We are capable to screen out preponderant drug crystal forms or salt types with high bioavailability, suitable for production and conducive to preparation. We have established rapid and highly-efficient crystal form/salt type screening systems such as micro crystal form/salt type screening, rapid crystal form/salt type screening and standard crystal form/salt type screening. In the system, a relatively complete screening effect can be achieved with a small amount of API. Moreover, we also have a whole set of crystallization process research methods, covering process parameter control in crystallization reaction, filtration and drying processes in post-treatment, quantitative crystal form testing technology, etc.

Platform Technologies