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Featured Targeted Drug Development Platform

Chemexpress’s featured targeted drug development platform provides global customers with ADC drug and PROTAC development and research and also provides products and services for the development of related new drugs.
In terms of ADC drugs, we focus on the development of a series of cutting-edge highly active toxins. We have designed and established a linker library covering a large number of bifunctional group connectors. The toxin-linker libraries are used fore the rapid coupling with monoclonal antibodies, thus accelerating the development process of ADC drugs. At present, we have a professional capability and rich R&D experience for process optimization, verification, registration application and industrialization related to ADC pharmaceutical chemistry. We have complete structure and polymorphs confirmation and impurity structure confirmation for some toxins, linkers and toxin-linkers. Moreover we have obtained the manufacturing process with stable quality through the implementation of a multi-chiral control strategy, thus achieving a kilogram level supply.
In terms of protein degradation targeted chimera, our R&D team has used rich experience and technical expertise in click-chemical technology and coupling reaction technology. to design and develop 7 types of featured PROTAC reference molecular libraries along with more than 400 PROTAC new drug development related products. We have developed a series of highly active and selective target protein ligands and E3 ubiquitin ligase ligands. We have designed and established a linker library covering a large number of bifunctional group connectors and established a variety of ligand-linker libraries that are used for the rapid coupling with other ligands, thus accelerating the R&D process of PROTAC related products.

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