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Congratulations on Chemexpress was officially listed in the SSE STAR Market today

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On June 8, 2021, Shanghai Haoyuan Chemexpress Co., Ltd. was officially listed in the SSE STAR Market, the stock is referred to as "皓元医药", the stock code is 688131, and the English name is "ChemExpress". ChemExpress issued 18.60.00million shares at the issuing price of 64.99 yuan per share. The total capital raised by the new shares was 120,884 million yuan, and the total capital stock after the issue was 74,342,007 shares.

The fund raising projects of the company are carried out around the main business. First, the Shanghai R&D center will is upgraded, the ability of research and innovation is continuously developed, and the characteristic technology platform is strengthened. Second, Anhui Ma’anshan R & D Center will is constructed, which include the construction of highly potent workshop and form the deep R & D layout;Third, the construction of an annual output of 121.095 tons of pharmaceutical APIs , intermediates production base, and international standard high-end API industrialization and CDMO platform; The fourth is to supplement the liquidity, increase the product pipeline, and at the same time to do deep and broad technical service platform. The company will gradually extend to the depth of the field, which will open up the whole industrial chain service chain and integrate efficient service to global customers;Through continuous improvement of quality management, channel building, global business operation and comprehensive management capabilities, comprehensively enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the company.

The leaders who attended the gong ceremony were Mr Chen Xuejun, the director general of shanghai market supervision administration, Mr Feng Henian, the chairman of promoting the construction of science and technology innovation center, Mr Chen Yaoshui ,the full time deputy director of shanghai office of promoting science and technology innovation center construction, Mr Xu Xin, the director of pudong science and economic committee, Mr Zheng Xiuxu, deputy mayor of the people's government of ma 'anshan, anhui province, Mr Pi Taitian ,shandong zouping municipal party committee secretary and so on. As well as customer representatives, shareholder representatives, friends and other guests were invited to attend the ceremony to witness this milestone.

Dr. Zheng Baofu, the chairman and general manager of ChemExpress said that ChemExpress successfully landed on STAR Market, which opened the door to a higher and farther road. The company would like to express its heartfelt thanks to all the leaders at all levels, all the shareholders who have given trust and entrust, and the partners and and all sectors of society who have given support and help to ChemExpress for a long time. in order to maintain a sustainable and healthy development, return the majority of investors, feedback to the society ,In the future, ChemExpress will shoulder the industry's attention, customer trust and investor expectations, strictly regulate the governance, maintain the innovation vitality.

Since its establishment in 2006, ChemExpress has been committed to providing related products and technical services covering the full life cycle of drug discovery to industrialization.The company adheres to the mission of "making drug research and development more efficient, faster to market, and earlier benefit human health". After more than 10 years of intensive cultivation and accumulation, it has cultivated a sophisticated R&D team led by doctors and masters in scientific research. With its technical advantages in the field of pharmaceutical chemistry and organic synthesis,It has formed six core technology platforms, such as high potent (HPAPI) API drugs and characteristic targeted drugs. Relying on in the drug development front-end in the industry of compound molecular block and tools business, follow the forefront of biomedical and pharmaceutical research and development progress and grasp the development trend of prospective study was carried out on the drug research and development the market demand and reserve project development, through the transformation of technology platform, has the market competitive power of products of API and intermediate. At present, the company has independently synthesized more than 10,000 kinds of molecular block and tool compounds, and has completed the process research and development and extended to APIs and intermediates more than 100 kinds of products, 88 of which have the industrialization basis.

ChemExpress adhere to the service tenet of "all for customers, all from innovation", deep ploughing small molecule drug research and development services and industrial application market, through deepening the global operation layout, international brand strategy, innovative research and development orientation, deepening the field expansion, fine quality requirements, comprehensive service standards,It hosts R&D and innovation projects from more than 3,000 partners worldwide. This year is a starting year for 14th Five Year Plan, China’s biological medicine industry Ushered in a high-speed development and innovation to upgrade the new opportunity, ChemExpress will continue to actively respond to and practicing national biomedical industry development strategy, help our ascension in discourse in the field of biomedical innovation research and development of the world, Realize from "medicine big country" to "medicine strong country" stride forward.

On the occasion of the listing of an important opportunity, standing at a new starting point, ChemExpress will continue to adhere to the core values of "responsible, team spirit, professional and efficient, sustainable growth", with a more mature attitude, more proactive in connecting with the capital market, to promote the development of the company to a new level.We will build ChemExpress into a listed company with standard governance, scientific decision-making and excellent performance, to maximize shareholder value, employee value and social value, and live up to the expectations of all sectors of society.

Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished. ChemExpress strives to become an internationally competitive, world-class pharmaceutical research and development and production service enterprise in the future, so as to make drug research and development support life science innovation and manufacturing!

Landing on STAR Market is a milestone, a new starting point, a report card and a new challenge. ChemExpress will always cherish the trust and love from all sectors of society, with the power of capital, focus on creating a R&D and innovation-driven technology platform, and help China's biomedical industry to achieve a new pattern of development.

Let us pull together and live up to the mission!

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