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New platform, new starting point, new journey, new dream:Ma'anshan Biomedical Public Service Platform Grand Opening

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On January 25, 2021, the opening ceremony of the Ma'anshan Biomedical Public Service Platform was held in Ningma Science and Technology Innovation Park, Cihu High-tech Zone, Ma'anshan, Anhui Province. Dr.Zheng Baofu, Chairman of Shanghai Haoyuan Chemexpress Co., Ltd., leaders of the Management Committee of Cihu High-tech Zone, heads of various departments, and the person in charge, settled on the platform to attend the ceremony. The celebration was organized by Anhui Haoyuan Chemexpress Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Ma'anshan Noventek Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., Anhui Stepup Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and Anhui Leyan Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd.

At the celebration, Dr.Zheng Baofu first delivered a warm welcome speech. Subsequently, Wang Mingzhong, Chairman of Ma'anshan Noventek Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., and Zhou Shengfeng, Chairman of Anhui Stepup Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., spoke on behalf of the companies that settled on the platform. Finally, Fang Tianqing, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Secretary of the Discipline Working Committee of the Management Committee of Cihu High-tech Zone made a concluding speech. On behalf of the government secretary, Fang congratulated on the official opening of the Maanshan Biomedical Public Service Platform. 

The Ma'anshan Biomedicine Public Service facility  introduces platform for well-known pharmaceutical R&D institutions and pharmaceutical companies in the Yangtze River Delta region. It integrates the superior resources in the biomedical industry of Ma'anshan City and Anhui Province and establishes a Biomedicine cycle system ("Industry Accelerator—Public Service Platform—Achievement Transformation Center") in the park.  By building a structure of “Research and Development—Public Service Platform—Business Incubation and Achievement Transformation—Industrial Clusters” will focus on the introduction of chemical pharmacy, biopharmaceuticals, medical equipment, professional services, and other industries to achieve industrial transformation and build the engine to accelerate the biomedical industry in Ma'anshan.

In the future, the Ma'anshan Biomedicine Public Service Platform will actively build a close chain of technical services, achievement transformation and industrialization, and will take the opportunity to integrate high-quality development of the Yangtze River Delta. Whereas it will also help the biomedical industry in Cihu High-tech Zone to achieve leapfrog development and build a “domestic first-class and internationally leading” biomedical innovation center.

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