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Position Category Work place Recruiting Numbers Operation
Director of Foreign Trade Management ShangHai Several -+

Position  Description

1. According to the company’s market strategy, formulate and implement an annual market development plan;

2. Responsible for comprehensively expanding the company's business in the European market and developing new customers;

3. Conduct business management of company projects, including business negotiation, contract signing, timely communication of project progress, and follow-up payment collection management;

4. Maintain customer relations Regularly visit existing customers and understand customer opinions, communicate with project personnel and improve services;

5. Assemble and manage business development team.


1. Business, biology, medicine and related undergraduate degree or above;

2. More than 1 year experience in Business Development;

3. Good communication and coordination skills and business negotiation skills;

4. A background of studying abroad is preferred;

5. We hope you are enthusiastic, helpful, strong in execution, strong in stress resistance and good at communication.

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FTE R&D Director/Vice President of R&D Management ShangHai Several -+

Position  Description

1. Responsible for the overall management of the company's FET department project;

2. With strong practical experience in organic reactions, familiar with organic reactions, etc., you need to have strong document retrieval, route design and map analysis capabilities to solve difficult process research and development projects;

4. With your knowledge and experience, you can identify and anticipate problems that may exist in the project and come up with effective solutions;

5.You can communicate with customers fluently in English/Chinese, fully understand customer needs, analyze the key points and difficulties of the project and the required resources, and formulate detailed project plans;

6.  Resolve difficulties and problems in the project and propose a reasonable solution;

7.  Instruct R&D personnel to design and determine the project synthesis route and make the project plan;

8.  Have strong communication skills, able to lead the people of 50-100 FTE or CRO R&D team;

9.  Familiar with chemical process and have experience in chemical process research and development.


1. PhD degree with more than 3-5 years of industry experience and experience in leading a professional team of more than 20 people, majoring in organic chemistry, pharmaceutical engineering, medicinal chemistry or related majors (preferably those with foreign work experience);

2. Proficient in English communication;

3. Ability to read chemistry professional literature;

4. Have strong communication, leadership and management skills and excellent professional and teamwork spirit;

5. Ph.D. 5 years and above related experience in organic synthesis, working experience in CRO company (FTE related) is preferred.

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CMC R&D Director Management ShangHai Several -+

Position  Description

1.Responsible for the company's overall API CMC project management and implementation;      

2.Responsible for the adjustment of internal and external resource management and promotion of the pharmacy part (CMC) related work of the project;

3.Responsible for CMC project issued, tracking, updating and post-project work;  

4. Lead a team of 20-50 people to complete the smooth implementation of multiple CMC projects, including the process development, process transfer, scale-up production and registration application work in the API phase of the project;  

5. Review the compliance of CMC-related research content materials such as process research and development, product amplification, impurity standards establishment and stability research of the project;

6. Responsible for project operation and team management, including monitoring the progress of each project, resource coordination and feasibility assessment of project requirements proposed by customers, etc., to solve various problems encountered during the implementation of customer projects;

7. Responsible for organizing and accepting on-site appraisal and application data review by drug regulatory agencies, and communicating with relevant review agencies such as NMPA;

8. Cooperate with various departments of the company to complete other related work.


1.  More than 6 years of master's/doctoral degree, medical and chemical industry and other related professional work experience;

2. Master's degree of more than 5 years, PhD degree of more than 3 years of project management experience;

3. Rich experience in small molecule pharmaceutical research (CMC development) and project management;

4. Familiar with ICH guidelines, FDA and NMPA technical regulations and guidelines for the entire process of drug research and development;

5.Excellent logical thinking and expression skills, good communication skills and teamwork spirit;

6.  Proficient in English, able to express proficiently in Chinese and English.

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Analysis Technology Manager Management ShangHai Several -+

Position  Description

1. Responsible for the organization and implementation of project analysis methods and development quality research;

2. Responsible for collating and reviewing quality research results (reports, raw data, etc.) to form the final draft;

3. Be responsible for providing technical support to the quality research whether during the research process or after the application or technology transfer;

4. Responsible for guiding and training team quality inspection personnel to help improve analysis and operation capabilities.


1. Master degree or above in pharmacy and drug analysis related majors, more than 5 years of API analysis related work experience,We will give priority to those who have experience in drug analysis and research in foreign companies, multinational pharmaceutical companies, and famous domestic CRO companies;

2.  Be proficient in API quality standard requirements at all stages;

3.  Good command of national drug registration regulations and technical guidelines, registration procedures and technical requirements;

4. Have a strong scientific research plan, execution, and outstanding problem-solving ability.

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QA Managers Management Shanghai Several -+

Position  Description

1. Maintain and continuously improve the company's GMP laboratory system;

2. Organize and lead the management of personnel, materials, equipment, environment, and technical standards under the GMP system;

3. Implement effective supervision of production under the GMP system;

4. Organize or support confirmation and verification under the GMP system;

5. Deal with quality events (deviations, violations, changes, complaints) that occur under the GMP system;

6. Organize and implement external audit, internal audit, and annual review under the GMP system;

7. Assist the company to develop quality system (ISO9001) to carry out quality activities;

8. Complete other tasks arranged by superiors.


1. College degree or above in chemistry or pharmacy; at least 5 years of relevant work experience;

2. Familiar with pharmaceutical regulations, ICH and FDA related regulations, fully understand GMP quality system, have a good quality concept, have a good foundation in English, and be able to communicate in oral English;

3. Able to draft, revise and review SOP and related work standards;

4. Good computer application ability;

5. Conscientious and meticulous, strong sense of responsibility; strong communication skills; team spirit, professionalism and innovation spirit; ability to work under pressure, adapt to challenging work.

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Senior Scientists (Process) Professional skills Shanghai Several -+

Position  Description

1. Responsible for independently undertaking new compound design and synthesis project research, or clinical compound and marketed drug synthesis route screening and process optimization;

2. Able to operate independently, and at the same time undertook to direct the experimental work of direct subordinates, track the progress of the project, and be responsible for the safe operation of the laboratory;

3. Have a certain understanding of analytical knowledge, be able to cooperate with the analysis department in the selection and development of analytical methods, and have a certain ability to judge the applicability of analytical methods;

4. Lead the project team to complete the project tasks.


1. Bachelor degree or above in organic synthesis, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutical and other related major, more than 6 years of process R&D experience, factory experience is preferred;

2. Have project management or team management capabilities, have the courage to assume responsibility, and be able to actively mobilize the enthusiasm of team members;

3. Possess sturdy professional knowledge and strong problem-solving ability, can use English to read literature proficiently, and write project reports in Chinese and English;

4. Long-term working experience in Ma'anshan factory is preferred.

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Senior Scientists Professional skills Shanghai/Ma'anshan Several -+

Position  Description

1. Strong skills in route design, organic synthesis, product separation and structure identification, able to independently carry out research and development;

2. While completing their own tasks, lead a research group of 2-3 people, guide and train their experimental skills, and ensure the overall project progress;

3. Complete the experiment record and project report clearly and completely. The experiment report is true, detailed, reliable and planned;

4. Participate in the daily management of the laboratory, and implement regulations on intellectual property protection, safety and hygiene;

5. Actively complete other related tasks arranged by the leadership.


1. Master degree, more than 3 years; undergraduate degree, more than 5 years of work experience, major in organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry and other related chemistry;

2. Master rich organic chemistry professional knowledge and relevant practical experience, have excellent synthetic route design capabilities, and be able to skillfully complete multi-step route synthesis;

3. Good communication and expression skills, strong hands-on skills, earnest and careful, and good teamwork spirit;

4. Strong laboratory safety awareness;

5. Excellent English literature reading ability.

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Senior Analyst Professional skills Shanghai/Ma'anshan Several -+

Position  Description

1. Project management: Cooperate with senior researchers to complete factory production projects, PROCESS small-scale R&D projects or other analysis projects;

2. Work efficiency/work quality: Workload and work efficiency and work quality evaluation;

Complete various analytical tasks on time, including but not limited to method development, method validation, analytical testing, standardization of reference materials, and stability studies. Ensure that the quality of work meets the requirements, the developed methods meet the requirements and are repeatable, and have the ability to solve technical problems;

3. Document quality: Write various analysis documents in accordance with regulations and transfer them to the collaboration department or send to supervisors on time;

4. Communication: Maintain communication with factory QC, QA, process synthesis personnel, analysis supervisors and departments to promote the normal progress of the project;

5. Specification: Ensure the data reliability and traceability of analysis and development laboratory. Be responsible for calibration and maintenance of instruments according to regulations.


1. More than one year of relevant work experience, bachelor degree or above in pharmacy or analytical chemistry;

2. Have accessed to process R&D reports or can read R&D report information;

3. According to the R&D reports information, the documents are organized into a factory method package;

4. Familiar with the principle of chromatographic separation and able to independently exploit methods.

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