Social Responsibility:Shoulder the mission with the concept of strict and sustainable development  and show the value of Chemexpress

Social Responsibility

  • Legal Compliance

    Chemexpress strictly abides by national laws and regulations, and relevant policies and systems in the biomedical industry. Within the legal norms and industry supervision systems, the company's behavior and commercial activities are regulated with the highest ethical standards. We require every employee to abide by the relevant laws and regulations, while encouraging and advocate every partner and supplier to follow the same ethical standards.
  • Corporate Governance

    Chemexpress attaches great importance to the construction of the governance system and the company system improvement. The company shall take the Articles of Association as the criterion and gradually improve the corporate governance structure; use specific and effective operation systems to manage each functional department and gradually strengthen internal control; use the principle of "true, accurate, complete and timely" to disclose information and maintain the transparency of the company's operation and management information. We ensure the implementation of the company's business decisions, and responds to the trust and expectations of society with a strong sense of responsibility and fair action.
  • Equal Opportunity

    Chemexpress is firmly committed to an inclusive and open employment environment. Without discriminating against applicants on their race, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality, or any other related factors by law, to ensure every applicant has an equal opportunity. We have built a comprehensive and diversified training system and a multi-channel humanized career promotion channel, providing an equal and broad development platform for every employee.
  • Quality Standard

    Product quality is the life of an enterprise and the foundation of Chemexpress's excellence. We actively introduced and passed the ISO 9001 quality system certification, and strictly implemented the QA and QC quality control system in all aspects of product research and development. With the business philosophy of honesty and trustworthiness, and the pursuit of excellence in quality, we continuously improve the level of innovation and improvement in product quality control. The demanding quality of our company not only meets the needs of our customers, but also makes our products reach the industry leading level and enjoy a global reputation.
  • IP Management

    "All for the customer, all from innovation" is the company's service tenet, so we have established a comprehensive IP management system. Based on the interests of customers, shareholders, and suppliers as the core, we have independently developed an enterprise resource management system using modern IT technology and program control methods. At the same time, we have established a strict and comprehensive internal information confidentiality management system and data processing mechanism to implement the intellectual property management system to ensure standardized information management, to ensure the privacy and security of business partners' data.
  • EHS Management

    "Focus on the environment, care for the health and pay attention to safety" is the consistent enterprise production philosophy of Chemexpress. We continuously optimize the environmental safety management policy, occupational health protection system and work safety protection system. We have established a complete EHS management system, integrating environmental, health, and safety work into all daily business activities of the company.

Social Welfare

Since its establishment, Chemexpress has always adhered to the belief of contributing its strength to the development of the biomedical industry, undertaken social responsibilities, helped public welfare undertakings, and made contributions to the sustainable development of society. Moreover, we continue to advocate employees to participate in social contribution activities to reflect our values.
Chemexpress has always supported the development of education and continuously strengthened school-enterprise cooperation and exchanges. We have established a 100,000 RMB Haoyuan Scholarship in various universities, such as Lanzhou University(2016), Harbin Normal University (2018, School of Chemical Engineering), Hunan Institute of Engineering (2019). We always encourage and support universities to promote talented students in the field of Chemistry.
In 2016, Chemexpress donated scholarships to impoverished students of Ninglang National Middle School in Ninglang Yi Autonomous County, Yunnan Province, and purchased “Love Cotton Jackets” for 118 students of Mauniuping Primary School.
In March 2020, Chemexpress focused on sharing drug screening resources, anti-epidemic scientific research samples and technical support with scientific research institutes for the new coronary pneumonia. We actively participated in providing our helping hand for the development of virus suppression drugs, contributed 500,000 RMB through the Shanghai Charity Foundation to the front-line anti-epidemic medical workers to fight the epidemic. Besides that  we also donated a batch of N95 masks to front-line workers, disease control, and traffic police.