Chemexpress focuses on small molecule drug research and development services and its industrialization applications

About Us

In 2006, Shanghai Haoyuan Chemexpress Co., Ltd. is located in the famous Zhangjiang Biopharmaceutical High-tech Campus in Shanghai, China. We focus on supplying products and services to our clients in the field of small molecule drug discovery. In the past one and a half decades, our molecular building blocks, chemical and biochemical reagents, reference compounds, and custom synthesis services have helped hundreds of academicians and pharmaceutical enterprises to move forward with their drug discovery projects along different pipelines. Based on our strong process chemistry R&D platform, we have served global pharmaceutical enterprises and research institutions with a large scale pharmaceutical intermediate and APIs accompanied by technical services. The company was granted "Innovative Professional Enterprise" and “Small Giant Enterprise” models among hundreds of enterprises in Shanghai. The company was honorably appointed as “City Brand Incubation and Demonstration Enterprises” and “Pilot Patent Respecting Enterprises” of Shanghai.

Chemexpress has been fast-growing in the field of biomedicine, adhering to scientific and technological innovation by challenging and solving refractory difficulties of our clients. After one and a half decades of technical accumulation and industrial experience, Chemexpress has built platforms for the research, development and manufacturing of highly potent APIs (HPAPIs), vitamin D derivatives and generic pharmaceutical APIs, as well as target-specific drugs. The R&D platforms for solid-state physical-chemical investigation, complex chiral molecule study, and building blocks and reference compounds are based on several core technologies developed in-house. These platforms are integrated to cover services for pharmaceutical clients working on the development of therapeutics for anti-tumor, anti-virus, diabetes, cardiovascular, immune diseases and other areas of diseases. To maintain a high innovation efficiency, the company has continuously increased the investment on R&D facilities and state-of-the-art equipment in the past several years, including the establishment of kilogram GMP conditions plants and R&D centers. We have also established business centers in Hong Kong and the United States of America.

Our people are the core value of the company. Our talent-driven innovation teams have brought about many core technologies, including 100 patent applications and much more. The company has also won the regulatory identification of the R&D Enterprise Institution of Pudong New District of Shanghai.
Chemexpress adheres to our vision, our mission, and our value, keeping abreast of the current trend and state-of-the-art science and technologies of the global biopharmaceutical industry to serve our clients to the utmost satisfaction. Our existing advantages have led to our in-depth services for the R&D of small molecule drug discovery. At present, Chemexpress has a life-cycle collaboration with a few dozens of most prestigious pharmaceutical and health care companies, research institutes, and CROs in Asia, Europe, the USA, Oceania, etc., and has successfully delivered innovative R&D products and services to more than 4,000 partners across the world. Our goal is to become a world-class leading company to support life science innovation and manufacturing.